Radiology Technician Salary and Schools in Texas

Working as radiology technician is a rewarding career. The state has high rate of job opportunities and the future prospects predict the industry to expand even further. Radiologic technology career are also well rewarded with a median annual salary of $65,000 nationally. The lowest 15% paid technicians earned about $45,000 while the highest 10% technicians make at least $87,000. Resources:

To become a radiologic technologist, you must undergo training at radiology technician programs. There are various programs that you can pursue that include a certificate, bachelor degree or an associate degree. The coursework includes patient care, protection, image evaluation, pathology, radiation physics and anatomy. High school students interested in pursuing career as a medical radiation technologist should focus on biology, physiology, chemistry, anatomy, physics, physiology and mathematics.

University of Texas Southwestern Medical School

The UT Southwestern enrolls approximately 230 students in the medical program every year. The enrollment process is highly competitive and in accordance with the law, 90 percent of the persons admitted are required to be residents of Texas. The cost of training at UTSMS is approximately $16,500 per year for residents of TX for the 2013-2014. The cost for non TX residents is about $29,500. However, other additional fees for student services and parking exist. The estimated cost of books for the first year students is about $5,720 and may range between $760 and $3,485 for other school years.

The UTSouthwestern helps students to get financial aid from state and loan programs. The student is also required to have a personal computer. There is also a tuition payment installment plan available to students but it comes with a small charge.

North Central Texas College (NCTC)

NCTC offers an associate's degree of applied science in radiology. The program is a two-year, 72 hour curriculum program. The estimated total cost of the program is $4,759.50 for Texas residents and $6,709.50 for non Texas residents. The institution also has a team of dedicated staff who helps junior students to overcome financial barriers by helping them access state and federal aid.

Parker University

Parker University offers bachelor and associate of science degree in Radiologic Technology. The program has a total of 72 credit hours, two semesters of general education and four semesters of major core curriculum making up a total of six semesters taking 24 months. The tuition fee is about $660 per credit hour for online courses and $600 for campus courses. Other costs exist such as $10 parking fee, $25 activity fee and $75 technology fee.


Texas is a good state to live. The state has a warm weather; there is no state income tax and lower living cost than the national average. This makes it a good place for students to study and live. For more information, please go to